Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Babloo is watching POGO Channel...!!!


He is watching Pogo channel and giving his commentries... This is Gag's programmer. A man falls down at that time when he watches this... U can really see how much he involved in watching that program. This is one of his favarite program but the first preference goes to Mr.Bean. The First cartoon character he know is only Mr. Bean and his teddy. On seeing his teddy he wants a teddy like the one which Mr.Bean had... So we exactly brought something very similar to Mr.Bean's teddy. But now that teddy is boring for him... because now he is little grown up and going for nursery school so he needs Mr.Bean's "CAR". Oh God we dont know how many were going to get fracture while he is going to the next steet for his school... Because he likes only self driving... !!! ha ha...